Every year, millions of people spend hours decorating their Christmas trees. It takes all of ten seconds for a cat to ruin all that hard work.

I remember as a kid on Sunday, we are all sitting around the dinner table when we heard a loud crash come from the living room. The entire family gasped at the same time and everybody asked "what was that? I remember my dad getting up and t running into the other room. I remember thinking it was someone breaking into our house to steal our presents from underneath the tree, and they accidentality knocked it over. I was wrong. One of our cats climbed the tree and ended up tipping it over. I remember some of the ornaments breaking and some of those were special to my mother so she was upset.

At least once a year I see a friend posted a picture on Facebook of their cat in the tree or trying to climb the tree. If this is your first year with a cat and a Christmas tree in the same house, I would suggest you tie the Christmas tree to something to keep it from tipping over. If not there's a good chance you will be replacing your ornaments and you would have wasted the hours it took to decorate your tree.

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