Tuesday, August 17th is "National Black Cat Appreciation" Day and black cats could use a good press agent. The black cat is thought to bring bad luck and you never want to have one cross the road in front of you.

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Black cats are the least likely to be adopted in shelters in the US. My daughter, Tara is doing her part to change that because she adopted a black cat named "Shane" from the Broome County Humane Society five years ago.

Tara thinks that Shane is paw-some and she wants to help change the bad rap that the black cats get. We don't know where the black cat got its bad reputation from because in some countries they are considered good luck.

Black Cats Can Be Good Luck

In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from the right, it can bring prosperity. Looking for love? In Japan, women are encouraged to own a black cat to increase their chance of romance. In other words, they can be your wingcat.

Did you know that black cats have magical color-shifting powers? Well, sort of. They have melanin in their fur, so when they are out in the sun, the black cats can turn dark brown for a little while. I'm glad to know it wasn't just my eyes.

Broome County Humane Society's "Empty The Shelter"

See you have no reason to be afraid of the black cat, so why not do what my daughter did and adopt a black cat today...or any day. The Broome County Humane Society has several cats (and dogs) that you can adopt, including a black cat named "Hotchkiss.".

In fact, they are having their "Empty The Shelter" campaign going on now until August 21st. Adoption fees are cut in half and for some animals, the adoption fee will be waived completely. Broome County Humane Society is located at 167 Conklin Avenue in Binghamton.

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