The Broome County Humane Society's 10th Annual Duck Derby was supposed to take place at Highland Park in Endwell on July 26th from noon till 4. The event would have featured food vendors, live music, crafts, and the duck race itself.

But according to the Broome County Humane Society's Duck Race website, the event itself is canceled due to Covid-19. But the race must go on and someone will still Win $5,000.

The annual Duck Derby is the one of the biggest fundraising events of the year for the Broome County Humane Society. The B.C. Humane Society is a non profit organization  that takes care of dogs and cats in the Binghamton area, by providing medical care,  food, and shelter, while finding permanent, loving homes  for the animals.

The event this year will be broadcast live on Facebook on Sunday July 26th at 2 p.m. According to the website, all 12,000 of rubber ducks have been adopted. However, if you would still like to make a donation to help support the Broome County Humane Society, you could do that by clicking here.

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Years ago, the Humane Society would hold the race in downtown Binghamton. They would let people adopt the ducks, I think they were 5 dollars each, and then 6 for 25 dollars if I remember correctly. Then, on the day of the race, they would dump all 12,000 rubber ducks into the Chenango River from the Court St. Bridge. The first duck to reach the finish line behind the Holiday Inn, was deemed the winner. I'm not sure when or why they stopped doing that.

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