Over the past couple of months, I've taken trips to Altoona, Pennsylvania. All having to do with adopting another Greyhound.

I have a Greyhound (girl) and an Italian Greyhound (boy, or maybe he is a mix of Italian Greyhound and Whippet...we are not sure.) For me, having two dogs was working out just fine.

But, with the state of dog racing tracks, including all Florida tracks scheduled to close at the end of the year (2020), I wondered if it would be difficult to adopt a Greyhound in the near future. So we made the decision to adopt again.
The adoption group in Altoona, Pennsylvania that we belong to, took care of getting his leg taken care of including a temporary plate to help it heal. Once the vet deemed him good to go to a new home, we drove the four hours to pick him up.

Unfortunately, in the two weeks we had him, his leg wasn't healing the way it should, and the fact that he would have to go back to Altoona in early September, we made the decision to take him back into the 24/7 care of the adoption agency.

All went well during the few weeks he was back, including the surgery to take out the plate. After a few days of recovery, we headed back to Altoona for the third time to bring him home. While I love to drive long distance, that last hour from home seems to be the longest.

Our new Greyhound, who's name is Jack, (his racing name was Jacks), is settling in fine, and will have his stitches removed in a week or so. Fortunately, our local vet will handle that procedure. I'm not ready to take a fourth eight plus hour round trip for a long time.

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