The Whale Time Machine has set a date this week to visit. It's March 29th, 1979. That was the day an important album in Rock-n-Roll was about to be released.

That album was Supertramp's 'Breakfast In America.' I remember playing the songs off the album when it arrived at the radio station. It was the first time around when I worked at The Whale (1978 to 1980.)

We were excited to place this album on the platter, back when we had turntables, and play some new music from Supertramp. The Logical Song, Take The Long Way Home, Goodbye Stranger and of course, the title track. What great songs they are, and they all made it on the singles charts in the US. The album also topped the US album charts, along with a few other countries.

Other than the music, the one thing that stands out on the album, is the cover. Looking out an airplane window looking at New York City with a real person posing as the Statue of LIberty, and breakfast items used for some of the buildings.

'Breakfast In America' made it on several awards lists over the years, and has sold several million copies worldwide.

For this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, let's enjoy Roger Hodgson performing Take The Long Way Home from a show earlier this year.


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