With so many people playing games on their phones, on-line, and on game systems like X-box, I’m sure the companies that put out board games are feeling the pinch.

When I was younger and it was a rainy afternoon, all the neighborhood kids would all either get on a porch in the neighborhood, or go in someone's house in the neighborhood and play board games. I still like to play board games. There’s nothing like sitting around the dining room table, having a couple of beers, and playing a friendly game of monopoly. I say friendly and laugh at the same time because sometimes our monopoly games get pretty cut throat. Pictionary is another one. My wife refuses to be on my team for that one. She’s an artist, so she draws really slowly, so I look at everybody else’s drawings on all plays, and try and guess. That and the fact that I suck at drawing, has lead to big blow ups between us that would have sent other couples to divorce court. But for the most part we play, well together. Speaking of cutthroat board games, another one I like to play is Sorry. When you are about to win and someone sends your last piece back to start, you start looking for revenge.
There are a bunch of fun games that we play when a bunch of couples get together. They include; Cards Against Humanity, Quelf, Scattegories, Buzzword, Taboo, Dirty Mind Game, and Outburst to name a few. We are always on the lookout for board games that work well when a bunch of couples get together for game night.

What's your favorite board game? And do you have any suggestions that would work when a bunch of couples get together to play games and drink?

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