The Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester New York announced what toys made the cut this year. I'm pretty sure you've probably played with all of these. According to the Associated Press three 'toys' will be inducted this year.

First up is the board game Clue. I think it was Mr. Mustard, with the candlestick, in the library. A fun game that has been around for many years and this year will be inducted into the toy Hall of Fame. Next up is the Wiffle ball. We played with this all the time as kids. We would go to the drugstore, by the bat and the ball, bring them home and then go to work on them. We would always tape the ball. We will get the black electrical tape and make one pass all the way around the top of the ball. Then make another pass around the top of the ball in the other direction so it would look like a t going all the way around the ball. Then we would take another strip of electrical tape and put it going around the width of the ball, just below the holes. This would add weight to the ball and make a travel so much further. Plus, with most of the holes still open on the ball, that would allow you to throw curveballs and sliders, and sinkers and risers. We would also experiment with taping the bat. Sometimes we would tape the whole bat, and sometimes just the end of the bat. Again, that would add more weight to the bat, and that would make the ball go further. The final toy that made the cut this year is a paper airplane. We all made them in school as kids correct,? We would make a paper airplane and throw it across the room with the teacher wasn't looking.

Toys that did not make the cut this year according to the A. P. include; Matchbox cars, the Magic 8 Ball, Uno cards, and a handful of others. So far there have been 62 other toys that have been voted into the Hall of Fame since it was founded in 1998.

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