Friday night, by the time I got home from work, a week's worth of my alarm going off at 3:30 in the morning caught up with me.  We did a little work on our  Koi pond and then had dinner. After we had dinner, I fell asleep on the couch around 8:00 and finally woke up to take the puppy out and then headed up to bed around midnight.

Saturday, Chris and I did some stuff around the house and then decided we would hold our own game night. We drank some adult beverages and enjoyed games of Sorry, Yahtzee, and one game of 1000 Rummy.

Sunday, we slept in a little bit and then had to run to the store for cleaning supplies. When we returned home we watched and watch some TV for a while. We even watched mass from our church on YouTube. Then we decided to play a game of Monopoly with my stepson Ian and his father.

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The game turned out to be a marathon Monopoly game. Ian's dad was winning early the I started kicking butt. For a long time during the game I was ahead because I had hotels on the violet spaces and four houses on both Boardwalk and Park Place.

Eventually, Ian's dad, John landed on boardwalk and that knocked him out of the game. From that point on, I just kept hitting Ian and Chris' properties which all had hotels or houses on them. I went from having at least $8,000 cash, to being the second person knocked out of the game in less than an hour.

Ian won the game despite being down to just $35 at one point. By the time it was all said and done, Ian had about $16,000 in cash. I don't like to lose, but we all had a good time playing the game and laughing for a few hours.

Board games and card games are still a great way to pass time when you're spending the day inside. So if you are staying safe at home during the COVID-19 crisis and you are looking for something to do, I would suggest you dust off some old board games and have some fun.

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