Senior citizens in the City of Binghamton can get some help in making the repairs their homes need in order to keep them safe.

Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham has announced The First Ward Action Council has $85,000 available for the Senior Home Repair Program that helps residents age 55 and older pay for completing such projects as fixing dangerous stairs, installing hand rails and door locks and plumbing repairs.

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Kraham called Binghamton’s seniors “neighborhood anchors with decades of contributions to our community.”

The Republican notes that necessary repairs can help keep those residents safe and secure and able to stay in their homes.

Many times those on fixed incomes find they can’t afford the supplies, let alone the labor, to start or complete needed repairs to their homes.

The Senior Home Repair Program covers the costs of those fixes with funding from the City of Binghamton and arranges for skilled technicians to complete the work through the First Ward Action Council.

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A small number of seniors can receive assistance for larger jobs like boiler or furnace replacements or electrical repairs.

The Executive Director of the First Ward Action Council, Jerry Willard says, “This is a much needed program helping Binghamton’s senior homeowners and we are very fortunate the City of Binghamton is again making a strong commitment to addressing this need.”

The staff at the First Ward Action Council actually handle the smaller jobs while licensed and insured contractors finish off the larger projects, all at no cost to the homeowner.

The money for the program is coming from the Binghamton Community Development Block Grant funding.

Seniors in Binghamton in need of home repair help can call 607-772-2850 for information.

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