Do you remember during the pandemic when everything was closed down and all of the do-it-yourself people decided to "fix" up their houses? Do you remember all of the stories that followed when the same people had to call in professionals to fix all of the mistakes well-meaning people made? Yeah, me too.

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With all the time in the world on their hands, people decided that if they were going to be trapped inside their homes that they would tackle the world themselves and it backfired in big ways.

A Binghamton area contractor told me that in the middle of the pandemic, business boomed for him because so many people got in too deep and realized that what they really needed was the help from a professional.

Another friend who works for a Binghamton home improvement store told me that their store saw a big uptick in the sale of toilets and toilet parts during the pandemic. They said that part of it was because the husbands had put off fixing their older toilets and the wives were getting tired of seeing it that way.

How Much Water We Waste Every Day

Did you know that if your toilet has a slow leak, it can waste around 30 gallons of water every day and if the leak is a bigger one, it can waste around 200 or more gallons? If you own property in New York and pay the water bill, you know how fast those gallons add up.

The biggest reason (most of the time) for a leaky toilet is that the seals have worn or gotten damaged and need to be replaced. Gaps from the flush valve, the flush valve being filled with small cuts, and valves that aren't closed all the way are other reasons.

October is "National Toilet Tank Repair Month" and whether you can hear the water running, notice a drip, or your water bill is higher than it should be, it might be time to reach out to a Southern Tier area plumber to see what can be done to stop the waste of water and help save you money...and we'll take any help to save cash these days.

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