For the last two years or so, Chris and I have been talking about building a woodshed in our backyard for our firewood. Up to this point, we had it sitting on a pallet in the backyard covered by a tarp at our house in Endicott.

I guess my idea of a woodshed and Chris' idea of a woodshed are two very different things. I pictured something that look more like a chicken coop or a rabbit cage. Maybe three feet tall by 3-4 feet wide, made out of two by fours and a roof. Chris put one of her engineering degrees to use and built this.

We started on July 11, and truth be told, Chris did more work on this than I did. I would say she did about 65 or 70 percent of it.

We started by getting some stone to place it on and then we built the frame. From there, we built the roof and shingled that. Then we started building the walls. Once the walls were done we started putting the cedar shingles up on the outside. We also screened in the top portion of the shed so air could get in and to keep birds and bats out, hopefully.

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Chris stained the shingles and it looked pretty good. Then she decided to add a door. That was this Sunday's project. We built a screen door and placed it on hinges. We bought a latch for the door, but decided it wasn't the type we wanted. So once we get a new latch for the door, and Chris finish is staining the door, I think this project will finally be done a month after we started it.

I hope she's joking when she said she wants to build a huge shed that would hold the snow blower, the lawnmower, all the coolers, ladders, and tools. We argued enough over building this, let alone something four times the size of this.

STEP BY STEP: How To Build A Woodshed

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