Toilet talk isn't really my thing. Anything to do with bathrooms, I'd rather not be a part of any discussion people get into. Except for one thing. Camper bathrooms. When I go shopping for a new travel trailer, the type ad size of the bathroom is a make-or-break sale for me.

An acceptable bathroom would be one with a shower that is easy to get in and out of, and there must be enough space for at least one person to move around the bathroom, area. Have you ever been in a camper bathroom? Some are like little closets, and trust me, not comfortable at all.

And yes, if the toilet is crammed into a tight space, it's a no sale for me. It's all about space and comfort, right? Okay, since I'm actually on the subject of toilet talk, here's something that creeped me out. I stumbled on a website about creatures that can crawl through your toilet.

Well, that's not something I wanted to learn about, but it's like one of those things you can't turn away from. The website Brightside lists five creatures that can crawl through your toilet, depending on where you live.

The first is a snake. I hate snakes. I can't even imagine how I'd react to opening a toilet lid and seeing a snake looking up at me. According to the Brightside website, snakes love sewers and when they are done feasting, they look for a way out. So, there's that convenient pipe that leads directly to your toilet. And the rest of the story is nothing less than horror.

Other vermin that can find their way into your toilet via the pipes or around the toilet including rats, spiders, and lizards (in warm climates.) And Brightside even mentions a few instances of an Opossum in a toilet. That's not right.

But the website has some tips to help protect you and your toilet from such invasions, and I suggest you check it out, that is unless you like the element of surprise. Not me. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

via Brightside

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