The City of Binghamton wants your opinion. Binghamton Mayor Jared M. Kraham has announced the launch of an online survey to gather input from the public concerning the redesign of Memorial Bridge in the city.

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According to the City of Binghamton, approximately 4,500 vehicles cross Memorial Bridge on a daily basis, along with over 100 pedestrians using the intersection at Washington Street and North Shore Drive during peak travel hours.

If you drive, bike, walk, run, jog, etc. across this bridge, your input is requested. Even those who rarely or never use the bridge are also welcome to give their input.

Memorial Bridge
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In 2022, Mayor Kraham announced a plan for the Memorial Bridge redesign and improvement project. Among the early concept, it included new lighting, landscaping, safety improvements and other streetscape upgrades. This fall, a public meeting will be held to discuss the redesign and improvement plans.

Thousands of people drive, walk and ride bikes across Memorial Bridge each day. We want to hear from those residents and the general public on ways to make the bridge safer and more attractive. This project is reimagining one of our area’s key bridges with transformative upgrades that will make Binghamton’s urban core even more vibrant and walkable. Public input is critical.  - Binghamton Mayor Jared M. Kraham

Memorial Bridge
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The deadline to complete the public survey is Friday September 15th. Some of the questions include:

  • How often do you use the Memorial Bridge?
  • If improvements are made to increase safety for cyclists, pedestrians and non-motorized users, how would you like to cross Memorial Bridge in the future?
  • Would you feel comfortable removing vehicular travel lanes in order to expand pedestrian and bicycle facilities on Memorial Bridge?
  • If you (drive/are a public transit user/pedestrian/cyclist), what are the reasons limiting your use?

To access and take the short survey, click here.

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