There are many great things about living in the greater Binghamton area (cue the naysayers.) I like living here, and while no community is perfect, I see our area as growing and becoming better.

There a quite a number of projects happening in the Triple Cites with new buildings being built, new businesses, and even old buildings like the EJ buildings being restored and repurposed, rather than just tearing them down.

And you have to admit, we have quite a variety of restaurants. Sure some are national chains, but we have so many locally-owned restaurants that serve great food. When I'm thinking of going out for a bite to eat, I have a hard time deciding where to go, since there are so many options.

And I like that dilemma. I've lived in enough small towns where your dining experience was limited to just a few places or just one. Okay, a couple of small towns I lived in had no place close by to go out to eat.

The restaurants in the Triple Cities also offer a great variety of different types of food to enjoy as well. Sure, we're not New York City. We don't have to be, You can find a lot of what the Big Apple restaurants serve, at a price much less than you'd pay in NYC.

So, what are some of the most popular restaurants in Binghamton in terms of positive reviews? I took a look at Trip Advisor for the answer, and here is what I found for the top 20 locally owned and operated restaurants.

20 Trip Advisor Rated Binghamton Restaurants

[via Trip Advisor]

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