As we get older, do we find ourselves reminiscing more? Well, since there's more to remember as we get older, I'd say the answer to that question is yes. Unfortunately, I don't remember some of the details from experiences in the past.

But, thankfully, the internet is full of information, pictures, and videos to remind us of things from our past. Take restaurants for example. Even though I have only lived in the Binghamton area for just over 40 years (minus a two-year absence in Elmira), I remember a lot of places I enjoyed eating at in the Binghamton area that are no longer around.

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Some details, like what the inside looked like, have escaped my memory. And that's where a search on the Internet can come in handy. The Vintage Vestal Facebook group has listed a 1978 brochure called "The Restaurants of Broome County", published by the New York State Restaurant Association and the Southern Tier Restaurant Association.

Some of those places as still here and some are long gone. Here are some places I remember, and now remember even more thanks for the group. Maybe you have fond memories of these Broome County area restaurants as well.

Scotch & Sirloin

The Scotch & Sirloin was one of my favorite places to dine when I arrived in the Binghamton area for the first time. And I remember working there as a mobile DJ a few times for events. The building is still there at 400 Plaza Drive, Vestal, but it's been remodeled and now houses several businesses.

The Alamo

The Alamo was also one of my favorite places to go for food. According to the menu on the brochure, there were once four locations - Vestal Avenue, Front Street, Court Street, Binghamton, and East Main Street, Endwell. Remember the Alamo Sizzler?

The Carlton

The Carlton at the corner of Henry and State Streets was just around the corner from where I worked. I don't recall ever eating food there, but I did spend a lot of time with co-workers for evening entertainment. Sometimes a little too much to drink.


On the Vestal Parkway, Vestal. Quite the décor inside, if I remember correctly. Now the site where Miller Auto is located.

Augustino's Sidewalk Cafe & Restaurant

Augustino's was located in the Oakdale Mall. I can't remember if I ever ate there, and I don't quite remember where it was located. Someone mentioned to me that it was near the old Bradlees. Is that true? It was one of the earliest businesses to take up residence in the Oakdale Mall, now called the Oakdale Commons. UPDATE: Dan from Binghamton commented: "Augustino's was located at the end of the wing across from Ruby Tuesdays (Copperfield's) at the time. Coco's was where the Miller Auto Honda building is." Thanks for the clarification, Dan!

But what do the places of the brochure look like now? Keep scrolling to find out.

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[via Vintage Vestal Facebook Group]

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