As you get older, do you find yourself reminiscing about the past? I do. Maybe it's just because as we age, we have so many more great memories to think about and remember.

I grew up in the age of television during the 60s and 70s, so anything on a screen is appealing to me. I grew up in the country where we got a signal from three distant televisions stations out of Syracuse when the weather was decent, off a rickety old antenna on the roof.

It's hard to believe that we were okay with watching a television program that went in and out on our old black and white TV set. But it was all we knew, so we put up with it.

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So when we got the chance to go to a movie theater or drive-in, that was a real treat. To view a movie on such a huge screen with a nice sound system and in color? Yea, that created a lot of great memories for me.

I've always been a fan of drive-ins. My first experience was at a drive-in in Painted Post, New York. My parents took us there to see many of the Disney movies of the 1960s. And when I moved to the Binghamton area, you would find my friends and me many times at the V Drive-in off the Vestal Parkway in Vestal and the Airport Drive-In off Airport Road in Binghamton. Here's a picture of the Vestal Drive-In from 1956 from the Press & Sun-Bulletin/Broome County Public Library.

Vestal Drive-In
photo from the Press & Sun Bulletin/Broome County Public Library

Sadly, both the V-Drive In and the Airport Drive-In are long gone. The things I remember most, were the promotions we used to do at the Airport Drive-In with Whale nights, featuring discounts and prizes with many of our on-air staff being a part of the fun with our listeners.

And maybe you knew this, but I didn't know that there was once a Tri-Cities Drive-In on George F Highway in Endwell. We found this picture below of the drive-in, courtesy of the Broome County Public Library.

Tri-Cities Drive-In
photo courtesy of DeClerq/Broome County Public Library

What are some of your memories of our area drive-ins? Maybe that's where you took the love of your life while you were dating. I did.

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