We're slowly coming out of the pandemic shell. Positive cases are going down, people are getting their vaccinations and we're seeing many restrictions set in place over the past year, begin to relax.

I've received my vaccination and am just waiting for the two week wait period to get back into a restaurant for a sit down meal. And I'm more than ready to see a movie other than on my living room television. I can't remember the last time I visited a movie theater, but I'm ready to go.

Locally, AMC in the Townsquare Mall Vestal is now open and it appears the the Cinema Saver on Madison Avenue in Endicott will be opening up April 2nd. That's good news.

Regal Cinemas recently announced they will be reopening their theaters in the United States in April. We have a Regal movie theater on Upper Front Street Binghamton. I drove by the theater last week and noted to my wife how sad it is to see the parking lot empty of vehicles.

CNBC reports that Regal, owned by Cineworld, will be reopening 500 of it's movie theaters in the United states from 25 to 50 percent capacity, depending on the size of each theater beginning April 2nd. Looking at the Regal website, Binghamton currently is not opening on the first date. The following April dates are listed as 'Coming Soon.'

CNBC reports that the first weekend's showing will be the new movie 'Godzilla vs. Kong.' I've seen the previews of the new movie, and it looks to be good.

And if you love drive-in theaters, you are in luck! The Elmira Drive-In is opening tomorrow (Friday March 26th.)  The Unadilla Drive-In has not listed an opening date yet, but we're sure it will be soon. I'm excited to get back to the movies!


via CNBC, Regal, Elmira Drive-In, Unadilla Drive-In, AMC, Cinema Saver

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