I remember my first trip to the Binghamton Airport I was about 5 and had never seen a plane take off into the sky.

My Grandma Mosher was going to visit her sister in Florida, and my dad took me watch her plane take off.

I remember the outside fence which was a lot less secure back in the 1960's, my cousin John and I with our faces pressed up against the fence.

There was just a door that passengers walked out into the runway and on to the plane, you could see everything.

Back in the 70's it was just called the Broome County Airport, and then later named Edwin A. Link Field, after the inventor of the Airport Simulator.

Then in the 90's we called it Binghamton Regional Airport, and eventually given his current name Greater Binghamton Airport.

The Binghamton Airport had a game room with pinball games and those riding figures, I remember they had a plane that would actually hoist up on a hydraulic lift,

I saw my very first photo booth at the Binghamton Airport, it took your pictures and spit them out immediately, I was amazed.

I never flew in a plane until I joined the NAVY at 18 years, I can still remember the excitement, looking out the window and seeing my home from a whole different view.

I have flown in and out of the Binghamton Airport several times since then and have picked up relatives and friends from out of town many times.

I brought my kids to the airport to see their first planes and relived my own experience through their eyes.

United Airlines has flown their last flight out of Binghamton and come next February American Airlines will no longer provide service to Binghamton.

I will always remember the Binghamton Airport as a special place throughout my life.