If you live in Upstate New York this is the time of year our region goes into the deep freeze, so here are my 10 signs it’s below zero in Binghamton.

  1. The Rail Trail looks like doomsday after the blast… not a soul in sight expect maybe a few Zombies from the Apocalypse.
  2. People on the streets of downtown look like power walkers, moving from one building to another, and they look the same coming or going.
  3. The Susquehanna River looks like the inside of my freezer.
  4. The Oakdale Mall is the resident hot house, (oh warmth sweet warmth.)
  5. Braving the elements means going to the Drive Thru Window at McDonalds.
  6. The sign on that business along the Vestal Parkway still says ‘Closed for Christmas’
  7. You’re excited that the Whale is predicting the temperatures will hit the 20’s
  8. Your dog growls at you when you try to take him out to do his business.
  9. One of those Geese shaped ice sculptures in Otsiningo Park looks up at you.
  10. The guy at the Carvels on Riverside Drive looks like the Maytag Repairman

Just a little over two months till Spring...Think Warm Thoughts

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