Even though I was on the air Friday and Saturday, I still made the most of my Fourth of July weekend.

Starting Friday after I got off the air, I did a couple hours of yard work and then went to a friend's house for a cookout. We all brought our bathing suits, but none of us got in the pool. The kids were in there having fun, and as long as they were splashing us on the deck, we were happy.

Saturday, Chris and I met up with our friends, Nick and Diane, and went up to Ithaca for lunch. We went to The Boatyard Grill and our friends picked up the tab as way of saying thank you for helping them with their son's graduation last weekend. We felt guilty that they did that, but at least they let us leave the tip.

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From there we drove around a couple of the Lakes and even stopped at the Windmill in Penn Yan. We came home and started a fire on the patio and watched as our neighbors put on a very impressive fireworks show that shot up over our backyard. Pictures of the show can be seen in my other article that you can see here.

Sunday we went to church. After that we went to the Skylark Diner for breakfast. It was nice to actually sit down and enjoy a breakfast at a restaurant for the first time since early March.

On Sunday we met up with our friend Nick and played 18 holes of golf at En-Joie. Chris and I finished the weekend by having a cookout at our house. So it was a non-stop but great weekend. Especially after being cooped up in the house for how many months due to Covid-19.

I hope you had a great weekend too.

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