Well I am. More so this year than ever, and I'm sure you are too. Of course, we need to be cautious whatever and wherever we go for the who knows how long time period.

With this weekend being the Memorial Day weekend and what we like to call the unofficial beginning of summer, everyone is itching to get out of the  house and try to enjoy some sort of normalcy that we would do this time of year.

For me, I will be making the trek to the campground when I'm not working to enjoy what I hope will be more drier weather than wet. Three full days of warm temperatures and sunshine would be awesome, but I'll take whatever mother nature throws our way as long as it isn't cold and snow, which if I remember correctly, has happened on Memorial Day weekends in the past.

My family on my mother's side used to have a family reunion every Memorial Day weekend. We looked so forward to the day. My family and relatives would all gather at our grandparents home. Everyone showed up. Years later, when my grandparents passed away, the get together moved to one of my aunts home out in the country outside a small town in Western New York. I miss those get togethers.

Now, each year, I spend my time at the campground, which normally has a bunch of activities to be a part of, but this year, they've had to scale back to conform with the pandemic guidelines set forth. It's for the better. Either day, I'll be enjoying relaxing on my little piece of property high on a hill in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and as I've said before, please take time to remember that Memorial Day is about remembering those brave men and women who fought and died defending our freedom. We are forever grateful for their sacrifice.

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