Checking the NOAA web page for the upcoming week I see we may have a winter weather event. A possible snow event could be coming our way this week.

Now, this is a very, very early forecast from CBS News, so remember this is subject to change depending on how the storm tracks, but this forecast states the Southern Tier could possibly see a foot of snow. Again, subject to change, but there's at least the chance of a pretty large pileup of snow.

You know how much I hate winter, cold, snow and ice. Yes, I realize that it's inevitable that we will be clobbered a few times this years with each, and at times, more than one at a time. This could be our first significant snowfall, so I just want to vent in advance.

It's not that I have a lot of snow to move after a storm has hit...I have a short sidewalk, a few front door steps and a driveway on an angle. It's clearing areas that tend to get packed down with road salt. You know what I mean. When the snow plows come through your street and gift you with plowing in your driveway. That stuff is heavy and tough to shovel.

Fortunately, I have a small snow blower that helps me clear the bottom of the driveway, but it's old and doesn't do as good a job as I'd like it to, so I have to grab the trusty old shovel and finish what the snow blower couldn't handle.

Another issue I have when we get significant snow and or ice accumulations, is the fact that my driveway is at a 45 degree angle from the street to my carport. There have been countless days when I've not been able to get a good run with my van up the slippery, snowy, icy driveway and into the carport. I'll get halfway up and then the tires start spinning. And then I have to back down, sliding all the way out of control, hoping not to slide into the street and into an oncoming vehicle.

That reminds me, I have to have a chat with the landlord of the building adjacent to my house. For a year now, one of his gutters disconnected on one end and has been dangling off the roof ever since. When snow from his roof melts, it rolls down the disconnected gutter and pours onto my driveway. Once the temperatures dip below freezing at night, you know what happens to my driveway. And I lose control backing my van down the driveway the next morning as I'm heading to work. It's a scary thing.

Well, the snow and ice will arrive soon, so I guess I better fire up the snow blower before the storm hits to make sure it still runs. Otherwise, it's just me and the good old snow shovel.

[via NOAA, CBS News]

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