The first snowfall of the year always makes me nervous. I'm not worried about my driving, I'm worried about the other people on the road.

You know what I'm talkin about. Every year it's the same thing in the Binghamton area, when we get that first snowfall, a bunch of people must have forgotten how to drive in the snow. It never fails. Every time we get that first snowfall there are accidents all over the place. People are used to driving in the summer when the roads aren't slippery and don't give it a second thought until they hit their brakes or try and turn while traveling too fast and start sliding.

According to WBNG, from midnight tonight through noon tomorrow, the Greater Binghamton area could see one to three inches of snow, with two to four inches in Deposit, Afton, Norwich, and parts further east. The larger accumulations will probably fall in the higher elevations, but still.

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We've all see those 4 x 4's that go flying past us on the highway. Remember, 4 wheel drive helps you go, it doesn't help you stop. I've witnessed pickup trucks rollover on 17 in the past because they were driving too fast in the snow. I'm glad the person wasn't hurt, and I'm glad I was driving as slow as I was when I saw him start to loose control. If he lost control as he was passing me, God only knows what could have happened.

So just remember to be very defensive when you're driving in the snow, because you don't want to become a statistic on the first snowfall of the season, especially because somebody else was being careless or clueless.

[via: WBNG]

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