Saturday started with me being on the air at the Whale, then I took the Whale van to the car wash to get it nice and spiffy for the Boscov's holiday parade. Then my wife Chris and I headed to the station where we met up with my fellow co-workers from the other stations, and we all headed down to the start of the parade. We lined up and got the speakers hooked up. Don Morgan pointed them out the back door and fired up the PA system. We ripped open the bags of candy waiting to be greeted by a bunch of people as we rolled down Main St. to Court Street.

We turned the corner onto Main Street and there were people right there at the corner, but then it was pretty sporadic until we got up to Boscov's. There were a lot of people in front of Boscov's on both sides of the street and there were people halfway up the next block, but that was it. It was a cold damp day so I can't say I blame people for not coming out to watch the parade. We had a lot of candy left over. That might be a good thing though; we have the Johnson City Professional Women's Business Christmas parade coming up a week from Thanksgiving. Now if I could just keep Pam Brooks and Don Morgan from eating all that leftover candy, we'll be fine.

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