The odd things people do just continues to amaze me. Sometimes when I hear what weird, illegal and/or stupid things people do, it just makes me wonder where the human race is headed.

For example, we've heard many times some of the things found in suitcases at airports.  People who have packed a weapon into their suitcase makes me scratch my head wondering just what was that person thinking? You know weapons are illegal to take aboard an aircraft, so why on earth would even think of the need to bring it with you? And did you really think it wouldn't be discovered?

Then there's this story I read recently in the New York Times. According to the article, during weekends in some New York City parks, there are competitions pitting finches against each other in a singing competition. Yea, that's what I thought - weird.

The New York Times mentions that bets could range from money to food or drink prizes, but more importantly, bragging rights for the longest, fastest singers. Well, someone decided to up the stakes, and illegal imports finches into the country for the singing competition.

In the New York Times article, a Connecticut man transported almost three dozen finches in a suitcase from Guyana into the United States, landing at JFK Airport. And to make the story more bizarre each finch was placed inside a hair curler in the suitcase. I  don't even know how to respond to that.

My first questions is, how did no one not become aware that there were three dozen singing birds in a suitcase? Did they all keep quiet during the boarding and unboarding process? I find that hard to believe, but what do I know about finches? Nothing apparently.

There is quite a lucrative market for finches, bringing in a good chunk of cash according to the New York TIme article. This isn't the first time authorities have caught people smuggling finches into the United States. Wow. I can't wait to hear what the next illegal smuggling craze will be. Or do I really want to know?

via The New York Times

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