We're all having to deal with lots of changes as we navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. Nothing you don't already know. It's adjusting to all the changes that can make us confused, stressed and/or uncomfortable.

But as uncomfortable as our lives may be right now, we have to do our best to get through it. In New York State, we now have to wear a mask when going out in public. I understand that, but I'm not comfortable wearing a mask. I just have to do it. It is not my right to go around and possibly infect someone with Covid-19 or vice-versa.

As I navigate the public world when I need to, I get a bit stressed in the environment I'm in. For example, when I'm in  a grocery store, I do my best to steer clear of everyone, avoid touching any food item I don't intend on buying, and getting used to the new rules at the checkout counter.

Even taking my Greyhound to the vet has changed. Her yearly license was due for renewal this month, and it was time for rabies shots. To get that procedure done, I drove to the vet office, parked in a spot that was numbered, called the office and let them know where I was parked. A vet tech come out and walked my Greyhound into the building. After the procedure, the vet tech walked my Greyhound out of the building, back to the car, and I paid the bill on the spot.

All of this certainly is disrupting our normal lives. I just hope we can get back to the way it was sooner than later. But as we all know, the jury continues to be out on that statement.

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