Normally, when I spend each weekend at camp, one of my routines is mowing the lawn around my camper. All campers who are there for the season, are responsible for keeping the grass mowed around their site. One of the rules includes mowing the front area or your camper up to about 3 feet to the camper in front of you. It's a good rule, and everyone abides by it. Campers are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you will ever meet.

Last weekend, I decided to forgo the weekly mowing session, instead opting to take the hour ride down to camp in Bradford County Pennsylvania in midweek and spend the night. I do this occasionally because it's a nice getaway in the middle of the work week, plus it's good for me as a stress reliever and I get some good exercise.

So, that's what I did on Wednesday evening. I have to admit, there's nothing quite like a freshly mowed lawn. And then I noticed my brother's lawn. Last year, he moved his camper in a spot just across the road from mine. The grass was getting a bit high, so when I was done mowing my lawn, I took care of his lawn.

It did cost him though. He made the mistake of giving me a key to his camper, and I'm pretty sure I heard the beer in his refrigerator calling my name. Pretty sure. Well, I had to go in and grab a couple of brews. I think that's a good exchange, right?

After mowing, I tended to a few other chores, and then drove to a pizza and sub shop located in a small town a few miles from camp. I love that they know me now, since I make an effort to buy take out food from them whenever I am at camp.

It was a great overnight getaway and I feel more energized now for the rest of the week, and knowing that weekend camping is just around the corner.

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