It's a Classic. It's Rock. And it's one of the most popular thing we do on 99.1 The Whale!

Classic Rock from A to Z began many years ago from the ashes of one of our brainstorming sessions. The problem with those sessions? We needed people with actual brain power to come up with ideas. No one has ever accused radio personalities of being rocket scientists.

That is not to say we can't come up with some cool ideas from time to time. Classic Rock from A to Z was one of them. Or was it an idea we stole from some other radio station in the country? The details have become a bit fuzzy over the years, so who cares.

Classic Rock from A to Z is a simple concept. On Monday May 7th, we began playing every song in Binghamton's largest on-air Classic Rock library by title from A to Z. Well, to be truthful, we start with songs that begin with an apostrophe, like (Don't Fear) The Reaper, and then move on to songs that begin with a number. Finally, the first song in the letter 'A' kicks off the rest of the library.

On day one, we played some songs that you don't hear often, like Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. That's a song you normally don't hear until Thanksgiving Day. There's plenty more like that coming your way.

Classic Rock from A to Z airs from 5am to 7pm weekdays and promises to continue until we've played every song in the library right up to the end of the letter 'Z.' That will take at least two weeks, so settle in and enjoy!

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