I volunteer every year at the Dick's Sporting Good Open. Even if you don't understand golf, there is a volunteer position for you. Here are the Top 5 reasons you should volunteer this year.

5.)  You Are Helping out Local Nonprofit Organizations.

A lot of the money raised during the Dick's Sporting Goods Open  goes to a charity named Broome County  Community Charities.  B.C.C.C. is made up of a bunch  of local nonprofit organizations. Over the last 45 years, Broome County Community Charities has donated over 17.2 million dollars back to Broome County charities.

4.)  Being Part of the Area's Largest Annual Event.

The Dick's Sporting Goods Open, featuring members of the PGA Champions Tour, attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. Many of these fans are from outside the area. That means the event helps our local businesses as well. Hotels, restaurants, and "Mom and Pop" shops throughout Broome County, see a huge increase in business during the week of the Dick's Sporting Goods open.

3.) You Get to Choose the Job You Want to Volunteer to Do.

There are 13 different jobs you can choose from when you volunteer for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. Everything from security, operations, transportation, working with the media, being a marshal, or even becoming a walking scorer, are just some of the volunteer positions you can sign up for.

2.) Watching PGA Players up Close and Personal.

When you volunteer for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open, you will get up close and personal to some of the biggest names to ever play golf. A lot of the players are even members of the Golf Hall of Fame.

1.) They Can't Do It Without You.

It takes thousands of volunteers to make the Dick's Sporting Goods Open possible. Every year there are volunteers who have been there since the first B.C. Open alongside people that are volunteering for the first time. All volunteers are invited to the “Volunteers Party” the Friday before the tournament. That includes free food and drink, and you chance to win prizes including a chance to play in the Pro-Am.

Click here to see all the available positions you can volunteer for at the 2019 Dick's Sporting Goods open.

When you decide which one you want to volunteer for, click here and follow the directions.

I hope to see you at the Dick's Sporting Goods open this year.


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