There are a lot of great things to enjoy and be thankful for in our Triple Cities area and the Southern Tier of New York. And of course, there are always some who will insist that there's nothing good about our area or that there is nothing to do.

Sure, many communities across the United States may lack in one thing or another, and may not be as exciting or offer as much to see and do as larger cities, but that doesn't necessarily make them a bad place.

I grew up in the country in Western New York State, so when I got the chance to move to the Binghamton area, it was a new, exciting thing for me as a country person to move to what I considered a big city. at least bigger than any of the communities around where I grew up.

So maybe it's just a personal opinion then. Our area has received high ranks for different categories from various websites that rank cities around the country. And there have been some that are not so complimentary.

Several months ago, Money Inc published a list of 20 communities in New York State (in addition to other states) that rank as the worst places to live according to certain criteria like safety and job opportunities to name a few.

The top 10 worst places to live include two Southern Tier communities and two Central New York communities. Do you agree with this list? Check out the 10 worst places to live in New York State below, according to Money Inc.

10 New York State Cities On The Bottom

via Money Inc
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