Now that we're back into the second half of The Walking Dead on AMC (and the mid-season premiere episode was pretty insane), it got me thinking (that's scary too, I know!): "If there were a zombie virus outbreak in Binghamton, where would I go to survive? What would be the best location for this?" Here is my top choice in Binghamton to survive the hypothetical zombie outbreak:

1.) The Binghamton Psych Center (Inebriate Asylum): If you were to survive the zombie apocalypse, what are the first few things that you would be looking for? Solid, fortified walls? Good lookouts? Single point of ingress/egress? This place has it all! Located at the top of the hill at the end (or beginning?) of Robinson St on Binghamton's East Side, there are two roads leading up the fairly steep hill to the Binghamton Health Center and Veteran's Administration Clinic, it's against the gravity of flat roads that the "undead" would want to fight against, or easily stumble into. Also, being that it's atop one of the tallest hills in Binghamton, it has some good lookout points. With quick access to the stores on Upper Court St for supplies; hunting and outdoors at Dicks Sporting Goods, food from Weis/Family Dollar/Dollar General/any of the several fast food chains. There is a huge lot of lumber at 84 Lumber just down the road, and 4 gas stations within a mile and a half of the hill. There is even a full, stocked clinic with medical supplies within a few hundred feet of the castle! "But what about the water?" you may ask... There is a natural spring that runs off of the top of the mountain that the psych center is - an unlimited supply!

via Bing Maps
Kathy Whyte

What do you think? is there a better location? Maybe something that I hadn't thought of in case of the hypothetical zombie virus outbreak? Let me know in the comments!