If you go to work at your workplace, does it seem when it comes time for the weekend, those two days seem to go by faster than ever? It does for me. If you work from home or are unfortunately out of work at this time, I imagine your day's kind of drag.

It's the world we are living in, at least for now. This weekend, I did my Saturday radio show from my dining room, since all of us at The Whale can remotely do so in case of situations like we are currently in.

It felt strange performing a radio show while looking out my dining room window. The scenery was nice, but while doing my show, I kept looking at the lawn. The grass needed mowing. It was a distraction. Once I finished my show, I pulled the lawnmower out of the shed and fired it up. Fortunately, to my surprise, it started right away.

Every weekend, I try to support local restaurant businesses, and this past weekend was no exception. I ordered breakfast and later in the day, dinner. The thing that stands out the most to me, is the appreciation of our local business owners and staff. I know they are stressed, even though they don't show it.

Many of us are tight on the money end these days, but if you can support local businesses by purchasing a delicious take-out meal when you can, it will hopefully keep them around once we get past these difficult times.

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