I hate to see a business go out of business. Especially if it's a locally owned business. Chain stores can be replaced quickly, usually by another chain store. Or the building just stays empty for a long period of time.

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The latest business to announce its closing as you know, is Christmas Tree Shops. It's a nationwide shutdown, and we have one in a plaza off Harry L Drive in Johnson City. I've shopped at the various stores in that plaza for many years, including Christmas Tree Shops, which I enjoyed browsing through. By the way, does that plaza have a name? If it does, I've never heard of one.

Anyway, I asked on social media, once the building currently occupied by Christmas Tree Shops is empty, what type of business would you like to see take over the space? I would hate to see that part of the plaza sit empty for who knows how long.

Many people responded to my question. What were the top 3 suggestions? Here's what many wanted to see in the building, along with some other interesting ideas and suggestions.

Hobby Lobby
This was by far the most mentioned store to take over the Christmas Tree Shops building when it closes.

Hobby Lobby
Matthew Stockman / Staff / Getty Images

Trader Joe's 
There seems to be a lot of interest in having a Trader Joe's take root in the Greater Binghamton area. It was the 2nd most mentioned business.

Trader Joe's
Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

Golden Corral or other type of buffet
Coming in 3rd place for suggestions. Apparently we love buffets. Sure, I'd be up for that.

Golden Corral Syracuse
Google Maps Street View

Here are some other suggestions I received:

  • Jan M. - Ross or Marshall's
  • Sarah M. -  At Home
  • Monica M. -  IKEA
  • Terrence M. - Save A Lot or Price Rite 
  • Chad S. -  Bass Pro Shop
  • Shannon S. - Top Golf 
  • Zach P. -  Carnival Game Store 
  • Mike C. - Well what else so would be a great addition to that area. The Oakdale Commons is getting a facelift with new stores, there's hotels, shopping, grocery stores, restaurants. The only thing that I can think of that would put it over the top is a music venue 
  • Zach P.- Bumper Cars 
  • Donnina J. - Cheesecake Factory 
  • Karen M. - Hardees 
  • Henry B. -  A Bait Shop 
  • Carmen J. - Chick fil a 
  • Suzanne P. - Don't need another retail store, how about a manufacturer that can make goods with raw materials from the USA! Chip manufacturer, any manufacturers and create jobs and keep our people employed without sourcing to other Countries
  • Bryant B. - Bring back Old Country Buffet, or Ponderosa. Bring in a Dave and Busters even
  • Stacey V. -  Lane Bryant, I don’t want to go all the way to Syracuse just to try on a decent fitting bra
  • Craig W. - Costco 
  • Janet R. - A store that sells items Made in America

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