As I was watching TV last night and yesterday afternoon, I had to laugh because most of the TV commercials were based on what most people would set as their New Year's resolutions.

The most popular New Year's resolutions are always to lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, and to save money. And advertisers know what goals you have set for yourself in 2019, and they're hoping to help you reach their those goals while making some money at the same time.

It seemed like every other commercial was some kind of weight loss product. I saw a bunch of commercials for aids to help you quit smoking as well. Then came the financial ads. They included everything from life insurance to remortgaging your home.

I can't say I blame these companies, they know a lot of people need help and they could be the solution when it comes to you keeping your New Year's resolutions. It's just good marketing.

I'm sure for the remainder of the month we will be seeing a lot more of these commercials as we do every January.

I hope you have the strength to stick with your resolutions you made for the new year. I'm already struggling with mine.

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