Mark Patrick Seminars is coming to the Best Western in Johnson City on September 20th with two separate seminars.

Mark Patrick Seminars are known as alternatives way to lose the weight you've been wanting to get rid of or a way to finally quit smoking.

Mark Patrick Seminars are workshops designed to help you lose weight without hunger and without starvation or your money back.

According to the Mark Patrick Seminars website the weight loss and smoking programs:

Combines hypnosis, programming, guided visual imagery and other powerful nutritional technologies designed to help eliminate unwanted craving, eat smaller portions, eliminate late day eating binges, increase energy and improve sleep. With our method of clinical hypnosis you are aware, IN CONTROL. You move, think, hear and concentrate without the slightest effort. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, feeling good.

Register for the weight loss seminar here.

Register for the quit smoking seminar here.


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