It's that time of year again, as the holidays approach, you start hearing bells ringing as you head for stores. In fact, this weekend when we were up at our Food-A-Bago food drive, there was a Salvation Army bell ringer in front of the Weis Market.

The Salvation Army is short on volunteers this year and could use your help. If I remember correctly from years ago, they usually seek 300 to 500 volunteers for bell ringing duties during the Christmas season. And I'm sure with the Coronavirus being a concern, even some of the people that have volunteered in the past may be high risk and won't be able to ring the bell this year. But as long as you're wearing a mask and gloves, you should be okay.

If you have a couple hours that you would like to donate, it's not hard work. You either sit or stand next to the kettle and ring a bell encouraging people to donate to the Salvation Army. You'll find ringers outside of Sam's Club and Walmart in Vestal, Walmart in Johnson City, grocery stores and many other stores throughout the Binghamton area.

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The Salvation Army helps young and old alike, it helps blind and disabled people, people battling addictions, and it provides food and shelter for the homeless and hungry. The Salvation Army in Binghamton is located on Washington Street in the heart of downtown. Like most other nonprofit organizations that help the needy, the Salvation Army has been seeing a lot more people in need of help this year.

If you think you would want to help the Salvation Army out and ring a bell, according to their Facebook page, the number to call is 607-722-2987 and ask for Captain Joe.

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