The World Series starts tonight in Los Angeles. The Dodgers will host the Houston Astros in game 1 of the best-of-seven series starting at 8:09 p.m. The Dodgers last won the World Series back in 1988 when they beat the Oakland A's. Houston only played in one World Series back in 2005, when they were still in the National League. They were swept by the Chicago White Sox in four games.

I don't follow baseball anymore. I used to follow it all the time and I still love the sport itself. But, when it comes to Major League Baseball I find it to be boring. When it comes playoff time and World Series time, I pay a little bit more attention to it so I could talk about it on the air and actually sound like I know what I'm talking about. I

had a friend ask me who I think will win the World Series. Honestly, the way the Dodgers have been flying through this playoff season with just one loss so far, I think the Dodgers will win. But, with the hell Huston went through this year with the floods, I am hoping the Astros can win the title and bring a little joy to the city that still cleaning up after the hurricane. Besides, I always root for the underdog. And being that they have never won it, I have to pull for them.

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