January, February, and March. Not my favorite three months. If you are an outdoor winter enthusiast, this is your time, depending on the weather conditions.

For many of us who live in the northern part of the country, these three months can be challenging, lonely, depressing, or whatever the case may be. But some find this time of year the perfect time for a getaway elsewhere. Maybe a warmer climate for example.

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Plus, since this is the off-season for vacation destinations, you may find great discounts on vacation packages, flights, and hotel stays depending on where you plan to go. And for those who may want to venture to amusement parks in warmer climates, you may find that there are no long lines to stand in.

Recently I threw out a question on social media - "Welcome to the fun months of January, February and March! What is (if any) your favorite winter destination getaway?" As I expected, I received many interesting answers.

Randy H. said, " Anyplace there is no snow."
Darla G. said "Apalachin N.Y." Not sure why, but okay.
Jessica C. said, "Work, and then home is my getaway, lol!" I hear ya there, Jessica.
Daniel T. wrote, "I am in Florida and used to like to go to New York to see my dad for his birthday."

Check out some of the (mostly warm weather destinations) below that your neighbors in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania have to say are their favorite winter destination getaway.

Favorite Winter Destination Getaway

Favorite Winter Destination Getaway

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