Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I decided it would be a good time to get out the decorations for the Christmas season while the weather was cooperating.

For many years, my Christmas tree along with all the indoor and outdoor decorations had been tucked away in my cellar. And every year, I would curse going up and down the narrow stairway hauling everything up to the living room, trying not to dump the heavy boxes of decorations.

Well, last year, my brain finally kicked back in and I decided to store everything in an unused room on the first floor of my house so I wouldn't have to go up and down stairs a dozen times.

Last year, we bought a flocked tree, and as nice as they look, that white stuff tends to flake off all over everything, including clinging to my clothes as I'm setting up the tree. I thought about buying a real tree, but it's not gonna happen this year.

It wasn't my intention to buy anything new, but a few of the string lights that go outside had pretty much run their course. I ended up pending more money than I had planned, including purchasing a 60 foot outdoor extension cord since the only outside power to my house is in the back, and that means running a cord from the back, along the side and to the front where my outdoor decorations are.

Everything is now up and lit, and I'm pleased with the result. Anything to make this year look a bit brighter. And speaking of that, Modsy did a study of states who's residences will be decorating more than ever this holiday season. Pennsylvania comes in tied with Washington State at number 3. Pennsylvanians know how to do it right!

via Modsy

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