This morning I had a couple different stories about the 4th of July. One of them was talking about how much money people will spend on the holiday. According to Student Loan Hero, one in ten people will spend over $500, but the majority of Americans will spend less than $100 to celebrate our nation's birthday. They said the majority of it will be spent on food, that was 54%, but Student Loan Hero also said that 14% will be spent on alcohol and another 14% spent on fireworks. I hope the people drinking the alcohol aren't the ones shooting off the fireworks or the emergency rooms could be pretty busy Wednesday night.

Another story I had included the results of a survey about people drinking on the 4th. Being that the holiday is falling right in the middle of the week, some people that would have some adult beverages if the holiday was on a weekend, will refrain from alcohol because they have to work the next morning. According to Moneyish, one out of five people who have to work on Thursday said they expect to be hungover or extra tired that day. You can include me in that bucket. They also suggested that a lot of people might show up hungover as a silent protest against their jobs because according to Moneyish, 14% said they resent the way their company handled vacation time this week. Again, I think a three-day weekend would have been better but will take days off from work anyway, or day, we can get them.

Have a great safe 4th of July.

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