Now that many people have received their Covid-19 shots, booster shots are now becoming available for people, but there are certain criteria for you to be able to currently receive a booster shot.

How do you know if you are eligible for a Covid-19 booster shot? The website lists the requirements. Boosters are for people at risk and for those who received the Pfizer vaccine at least 6 months or more ago. You must be 65 years of age or older or an adult between the ages of 50 to 64 years old who have underlying medical conditions.

The Covid-19 booster is also available for residents and staff in long-term care settings and those who are 18 or older with underlying medical conditions or work/live in high-risk settings.

For complete requirements and explanations of the booster shots, visit the website There are several places in the Triple Cities area where Covid-19 booster shots are currently being administered, found below.

Not all locations may have appointments available or booster shots. Check with the location before visiting, as availabilities may have changed. Check back with for information coming soon for those who have received the J&J or Moderna vaccines.

Broome County Health Department at 225 Front Street.
CVS Pharmacy at 34-38 Court Street, 34 West State Street, 50 Pennsylvania Avenue, 1276 Front Street.
Walgreens at 85 Robinson Street, 37 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Rite Aid at 201 Conklin Avenue.
Medicine Shoppe at 1179 Vestal Avenue.
Weis Pharmacy at 160 Robinson Street.
Price Chopper Pharmacy - 10 Glenwood Avenue, 33 Chenango Bridge Road.

Johnson City
CVS Pharmacy at 37 Riverside Drive, 345 Main Street, 269 Harry L Drive.
Walmart at 2 Gannett Drive.
Walgreens at 335 Main Street.
Wegmans Pharmacy at 650 Harry L Drive.

CVS Pharmacy at 3112 Vestal Parkway East, 138 Vestal Parkway West.
Weis Pharmacy at 200 Rano Boulevard.
Sam's Club at 2441 Vestal Parkway East.
Walmart at 2405 Vestal Parkway East.

Rite Aid at 511 Hooper Road.
CVS Pharmacy at 800 Hooper Road, 1103 North Street. 1000 Union Center Maine Highway/
Price Chopper at 1001 North Street.


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