Normally, whether I am spending the weekend at home in the winter months or at the campground in the summer months, I make my own breakfast. To be honest, it's usually something frozen and tasteless. A cook, I am not. That being said, this year I decided to change up by breakfast habits a bit.

It started with this past summer during camping season. Even though I have everything I need in the camper to cook any type of meal, I decided to go out to breakfast on Saturday mornings. Since the campground is in the middle of the country in Bradford County, PA, there is no place to go out eat for breakfast within a couple of miles. At least that I'm aware of.

So, I decided to take a short trip (12 miles or so) into Towanda and Wysox Pennsylvania in search of a good diner for breakfast. I wasn't sure what I'd find. It turns out there are at least four. Each one turned out to be places I would return, and did over the summer.

The staff at each are very friendly. One thing that stood out was the number of people who knew each other as they came in for breakfast. That's the charm of small towns. It made me yearn to return to small town living. I want someone to shout out my name (like on 'the TV show Çheers) when I arrive.

Now that I'm accustomed to breakfast at diners on the weekend, I want to continue the tradition in the Southern Tier during the next few months until camping season returns, and am willing to travel back into Pennsylvania if it's not too far from Binghamton.

My question is, where do you go for a good down home type breakfast in our area? If the diner serves Eggs Benedict and/or grits (yes, I love grits) that would be a plus.

What's your favorite diner in our area? Take our poll below.



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