I have to admit that at times, I display a bit of road rage. Most of the time it's due to traffic lights. My gripe is the length of time it stays red, or the lack of time they stay green.

I have experienced lights that are green for literally five seconds long. How can you possibly get many vehicles through in that short amount of time? I understand if it's an intersection where one or two of the streets don't have a lot of traffic, but can the light stay green for maybe thirty seconds versus five?

I have encountered that problem with a couple of Johnson City side streets that intersect with Main Street. As for long red lights, one I always catch, is at the JC/Binghamton line where Main meets Floral. I think the Main Street light should not remain red as long as it is.

Another light that remains red longer than it should in my opinion, is Murray and and Main Street, Binghamton. The Main Street side is red too long. Why is that? Murray is a one way street heading north, and I've never seen traffic that warrants that long of a green light.

What traffic light intersections in the Southern Tier or Northern Tier of Pa do you think are too long or too short? Tell me which ones make you mad.