Well, I imagine many things are forming in your mind over that title. Let me explain a bit further before we go over the edge.

I'm looking to pick your brain about some of the things in the Southern Tier of New York and even the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, that are the worst. And by 'worst', I mean the worst roads (potholes), intersections, sidewalks, parking lots, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights that are too short or too long, roundabouts, or maybe roads that seem to always be under constructions (I-81 South.)

When you venture out of the house, and take to the roads or sidewalks or whatever, I'd like to know what they are. It's kind of an invitation to vent. Well, actually it is an invitation to vent.

For me, I have a few gripes. They include traffic lights on my way to and from work that give a green light on one of the side streets I travel, lasting about five seconds. How in hell can more than three or four vehicles get through that without having to wait for another cycle?

Last weekend, I was traveling west on  Route 17/I-86 and hit a pothole that surely did some damage to my suspension. I didn't see the pothole until it was too late. Why was that hole not patched? I imagine many other vehicles hit it before and after me.

So, what's bugging your A**? It doesn't even have to be about roadways or sidewalks. Let me know, and I'll do a follow-up article on The Worst of the Southern Tier.

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