Now that spring is here and warmer days are heading our way, with all the joys spring brings, it also brings some unwanted stuff, like potholes. It's just something we as New Yorkers or Pennsylvanians have to deal with and try to avoid until they get taken care of.

How many times have you ended up with tire damage from running over a pothole? You end up with either a blown tire or maybe running over that pothole ends up throwing your alignment off. These repairs can end up coming out of your pocket and can be costly.

So what can you do? Well, if it's pothole season in New York State, (outside of New York City) which is November 15th through May 1st, you are out of luck. On the other side of those months, you can claim for damages, but that's no guarantee and the limit currently is $5000 according to the website I Drive Safely.

Well, that may change. New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler from Pearl River, has introduced legislation called the 'Blown Tire Tax Credit.'

"The Blown Tire Tax Credit (A.9578) will allow New York State residents to claim up to $1,000 annually as a personal income tax credit for blown tires they suffer on state and local roads. It is my hope that this bill will not only alleviate some of the costs of driving around our state but also encourage the DOT to address potholes as they see them and act..." - New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler

This would be a step in the right direction. You would have to provide proof of course, and if passed, it will begin with the 2022 tax year.

via I Drive Safely, NYS Assemblyman Mike Lawler

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