Yes, that is a question that will be answered with every answer imaginable. It's like asking people what season of the year is best.

Holiday decorations and items to buy, have been in several stores for weeks and I understand that, since some people like to start their holiday shopping weeks in advance. Whatever works for you is no one's business but your own, right?

The reason I bring up this question is, I decided that this weekend would be a good time to put up outdoor decorations, but have been met with some disapproving comments from family and friends.

I get into the holiday spirit at different times each year. Some years I don't care to decorate inside or outside any more than two weeks out from Christmas. Other times, like this year, I want to decorate before Thanksgiving. Remember, Thanksgiving is late this year and Christmas is about a month out.

People prefer to decorate and put up the tree early for many reasons. Maybe they've had a tough year, and decorating early will bring some needed happiness.Or maybe you just like the look of holiday decorations and a Christmas Tree in and around your home, and the earlier, the better.

Another reason for early decorating, and this is my main reason, the weather is going to be good. Sunny skies and temperatures around 40 make it so much easier than decorating the outside of my house then when it's raining or snowing and below freezing.

So, no matter what anyone thinks, my outside decorations are going up this weekend. Maybe I'll wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up and decorate the tree...or maybe not.

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