When is the right time to decorate your home for the holidays? Is there a right time? If there is, I don't think anyone is paying attention.

I suppose there are certain levels to decorating. Meaning you may decorate the outside of your home first, then later the inside, and lastly, a tree if you do the tree thing.

Some people have decorations all up before Thanksgiving, some the weekend after Thanksgiving and then I guess it depends on your family tradition, how close to Christmas it is before you put up the tree. In the "good old days" didn't people wait until December 24th  to put up a Christmas tree?

For me, it depends on my mood. If I'm not into the "spirit of Christmas" then I'm gonna wait until my attitude changes, or my wife tells me it's time to get off my butt and help her decorate. I've decorated the weekend of Thanksgiving and wanted as late as two weeks before Christmas.

We used to put up a fair amount of decorations outside, but as I have aged, it's become more of a chore rather than a fun event. Just finding a fair-weather day to install outside decorations is a gamble. And I have to think about how much of a pain in the you-know-what to take down all those decorations in January when the weather is much less than desirable.

One of my co-workers has already decorated for the holidays. Her family decorated and put up a tree a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I are only in the stage of where exactly to put up a Christmas tree.

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We live in a tiny house where every corner is filled with some piece of furniture, and the one corner we normally put up a tree has been taken up with an electric fireplace/mantel that we bought for each other as a Christmas present last year.

We're looking at all sorts of possibilities, all of which contain a bunch of manual labor moving furniture around or out of the living room. I'm looking for the least amount of that kind of chore. Or would it just be easier to go tree-less this year? Something to consider.

Although if that scenario happens, I will most certainly be labeled the Scrooge of the holiday season. To that, I say "Bah Humbug."

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