Another season, another shortage. But, are we even surprised? If anything, we've become desensitized to hearing about shortages and that's actually pretty sad.

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Christmas might look a little differently than you'd like it to if the American Christmas Tree Association predictions come true.

Jami Warner, the Executive Director of the American Christmas Tree Association warns, “Our 2022 recommendation to consumers is straightforward: "if you want a specific type, style, or size of tree, artificial or live, find it early.

Christmas Trees to Arrive Extra Early in 2022

This year, because the American Christmas Tree Association believes that the demand for trees will be so great and the supply will be limited, Christmas tree retailers are expected to set out their supply of trees earlier than usual.

Artificial Trees Also Expected to Be Affected

A new transportation law in California is taking effect just as the Christmas season comes to a head and the California Trucking Association is saying that the new law could keep thousands of truckers off the road while they work out issues to comply with the new regulations. This could impact supplies coming out of the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland, and in turn, this could cause some issues getting Christmas trees and other supplies to store shelves.

The Weather Hurt Christmas Tree Crops

The brutal weather last summer along with droughts in various places impacted the Christmas tree crop and because of this, because drought claimed the life of many young Christmas trees and wildfires wiped out many trees, shoppers might find fewer trees on farms and lots.

Consumer Demand for Christmas Trees Has Exploded

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, 75% of U.S. households, or 94 million homes put up a Christmas tree in 2021. This leads the American Christmas Tree Association to believe that the demand will continue to be high in 2022 but that demand might mean that consumers won’t be able to find the type of tree they want.

If you have a specific tree in mind that will make your holiday shine the brightest, we recommend shopping early to secure your ideal tree at the right price for your family,”  says the American Christmas Tree Association.

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