At this point in the pandemic, I'm witnessing more and more frustration and those who are no longer adhering by restrictions put forth during the coronavirus pandemic. Some may have never followed guidelines. I know I was reluctant at first to wear a face mask. Having never worn one before, I didn't realize how uncomfortable they are. It certainly give you appreciation of health care workers who have to wear a face mask all day, every day.

As we've been seeing, certain restrictions continue to be lifted or relaxed according to each state and county. More restrictions are being lessened in certain areas of both New York and Pennsylvania later this week. in Orlando, Florida has reported that the Walt Disney properties have announced a planned re-opening of their Florida theme parks on July 11th. I can only imagine how busy the parks will be given that it's now summertime, kids are out of school, and no one has been allowed into the park for more than two months.

Question is, would you be eager to head back to any amusement park that opens this summer? I bet every park that does open will be very busy with patrons. After spending the winter months stuck inside your home, and then having to remain there for the most part during the coronavirus pandemic, it goes to reason, people will do just about anything to go somewhere fun.

Yes, theme parks will have restrictions of their own to protect guests and their employees as should be. I think as long as everyone adheres to the new normal rules, everything will be fine. But will they and will you take the chance?


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