Yea, I know. Some people like to bash the place we live and all that we offer, or in their mind, what we don't offer. You've seen the reviews. Binghamton is cold, snowy and boring. Nothing to do here. Taxes are too high. Well, maybe taxes are too high. Won't argue with that.

Sure, every community has it's good and bad points, but sometimes I think people are more critical than what the reality is. Just an opinion, right?

I took a look at some reviews for a few Binghamton area attractions, and more specifically, ones that gave a bad or terrible review on Tripadvisor. Some may have a point, but some confuse me a bit. Most of these reviews are from a couple of years to several years ago, and may not reflect the status of these attractions today.

Reviews on Tripadvisor are listed as Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor and Terrible. To my delight, most reviews from the attractions I checked out, were in the Average to Excellent categories. For some in the Poor and Terrible categories, I give my short opinion here.

Bad Reviews of Binghamton Debunked

via Tripadvisor

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